C and C++ Style Guides

This is an archive of style guides for C and C++ code. Also archived here are some documents that discuss the value and utility of style guides. The documents are not listed in any particular order.

For history buffs, this collection includes two style guides that are based on work done at Bell Labs Indian Hill (the site in Naperville, Illinois where the 5ESS digital switch is developed).

The list includes original versions whenever possible. If you have a working formatter (either LaTeX or troff), the original versions are almost certainly the best. If you've never heard of those old software packages, try the PDF or HTML versions.

Finally, if you would like a quick way to develop your own style guide for C, C++, or Java, Sven Rosvall offers a style-document generator. His page lets you make some choices about various constructs, and the generator builds a HTML document for you.

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